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LA SOSTA was born in 2016 in Florence to spread the evolution of the Specialty Coffee.
We consider coffee an important moment of the day. The time dedicated to a cup of coffee deserves calm and attention, a break to enjoy the moment with our Specialties.
LA SOSTA is your Specialty BREAK.

We roast only Specialty Coffee from all over the world

Coffee education for beginners and focused training for professionals

We serve coffee for your private meeting or public events

A renovate coffee culture from the world to Italy

What We Do

Average score of our specialty coffee
Countries of origin
Education hours done in private and public events
Cups served per day

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Specialty Shop

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You can buy our coffee in two sizes:

  • 1 Kg
  • 250 g

Our Coffee

We select our Specialties based on origin, season, processing methods, and quality and clarity of the cup. We choose the coffees we believe best for every extraction method, complex coffees but also everyday coffees. We roast every week our Specialties, LIGHT and MEDIUM.

  • LIGHT is the intermediate compromise for Filter and Espresso.
  • MEDIUM is the convinced choice for Espresso.

We roast and pack the coffee the same day for a longer the shelf-life. Without opening the sealed bag the coffee retains its quality for 6 months after the roasting date.

We ship our Specialty Coffee all over the world!


  • 2019 Finalist at the Italian BREWERS CUP and CUP TASTER Championships
  • 2016 2nd place at the Italian BREWERS CUP Championship
  • 2015 2nd place at the Italian BREWERS CUP Championship
  • 2014 6th place at the Italian LATTE ART Championship
  • 2014 4th place at the Italian ROASTING Championship
  • 2014 4th place at the Italian BREWERS CUP Championship
  • 2013 3rd place at the Italian CUP TASTER Championship
For collaborations, information and orders don’t esitate to contact us.