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Simone Guidi

Simone Guidi was born in 1987 in Florence.
His passion for coffee started by chance around 10 years ago: a Cappuccino as aperitive.
After 10 years in contact with great coffee masters finally crowned his dream, opening his own Roastery.

In 2012 Simone starts to work as Barista and from 2013 to 2016 he becomes Coffee Trainer, competing in the Italian Coffee Championships in almost all the categories often reaching the final. In 2014 he enters a well-known artisanal roaster in Florence and getting fascinated he starts working as assistant roaster.

2015 is the year of change: 10 days after the Italian Brewers Cup Final, where he places 2nd, Simone say goodbye to Italy and leaves Melbourne, Australia, the world coffee capital. In Melbourne he starts from scratch going back behind a bar as Barista. Soon he become Head-Barista of the Café and in April of the same year he takes his first trip to a Coffee Plantation on the Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Once back in Melbourne he starts his new collaboration as Assistant-Roaster inside the Specialty Coffee Division of Genovese Coffee. A journey that deepens his knowledge of Specialty Coffee, Coffee Roasting and Coffee Tasting. Genovese has given to Simone a great opportunity which he returns with care and dedication for his job: this will be his secret of his growth.

In 2016 he returns in Italy start his career as Roaster: he goes back in the artisanal roaster where he used to work in 2014 as Head-Roaster. This experience is enlightening, so on September 30th 2016 he decides to launch his own coffee line called LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE.

In addition to offer Education and Services for coffee companies, he starts to produce and distribute his coffee in Florence.

From 2017 to 2019 he collaborates with a lot of companies in the coffee industry: importers, coffee machine producers, roasters, coffee schools, cafés and so on.

In January 2018 Simone becomes COFFEE PRO, a coffee expert who support DALLA CORTE, a company producer of espresso machines and grinders in Milan.

This year 2019, LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE takes a steps forward becoming part of the company G100 created from the synergy of Simone and Genovese Family: this project focuses on Specialty Coffee production and the education in Coffee Tasting.

LA SOSTA kicks off with this project is during the international exhibition in Milan of HOST 2019, with a small booth, F06.

One month later the LA SOSTA Team goes to the second edition of MILAN COFFEE FEST 2019, the italian coffee fest dedicated to Specialty Coffee with a small booth, L06, and the same energy started with the previous event.

Thanks to the positive experiences with the two exhibitions in Milan, LA SOSTA goes also at SIGEP 2020 at RIMINI FIERA with a small booth.

About us


When heart, passion and quality meet, something unique can be born. Aromas, blends and tastes ... how many things are found in a "simple" cup of coffee ....


Since I met Simone, I approached the world of coffee. Thanks to his competence, availability and seriousness, I am learning to distinguish the various types of grinding and provenance. The coffees of "La Sosta Specialty Coffee" were the first to be able to taste without sugar, as it should be, leaving the palate satisfied and eager to drink another.


I love the passion that Simone has in his work, I don't think it is easy to be able to do what he did and he is doing with coffee spreading a real culture. As a good roaster he is very careful in the selection of coffee being careful that it is of quality and without defects, selecting rigorously 100% Arabica micro-lots. That's why I love La Sosta, I can't wait to taste new coffees


I didn't know Specialty coffee. By tradition I have always been used to drinking the "classic" espresso. When I met La Sosta I discovered a world in which coffee is not a short and bitter moment but something engaging and that now accompanies me in every work session and office meeting


I don't like Espresso, to be completely honest. I hate them because I find the final aftertaste unpleasant, and imbue the mouth with a stubbornly heavy taste. That's why when I get a "cup of coffee" I tend to always refuse. La Sosta coffee is another story. I discovered that I didn't really know what coffee was, its taste so authentic and so "clean", just like a real natural extract! Overwhelming aroma, decisive, pure and toasted respecting its best aromatic qualities. Thanks Simone for the care and passion for this little grain. And thank you for making me appreciate coffee!

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